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Konu Про кальян

Я случайно наткнулся на эту статью,т.к. сам люблю кальян,и мне показалось,
что статья написана позновательнои её приятно читать.

Что думаете вы?
Автор использует интересные фишки

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Konu Nakliyat Yapanlarıı-hesaplamaıyamanğrıınıkesirölçanakkaleçankırıçorumırığşehirümüşhaneıspartaırklareliırşehirütahyaşğlaşşehirğdeğşanlıurfaşakırıkkaleşırnakınığdırüküzceöyşehirılarğcılarçelievlerırköyşakşehirşaşiktaşüzüğluüyükçekmeceçatalcaçekmeköyüpşaüngörenıköyğıthaneüçükçekmeceıyerşileşişliümraniyeüsküdar

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Konu Canadian News in 2021

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Konu The Most Influential People in the w Industry

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Konu m: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You'll Ever Need to Know


North coast records higher lung cancer rate in Hawaii (US) and Alaska (NZ)

– In Hawaii, the trend over the last 20 years is downward; the lung cancer rates there are also declining. This trend in lung cancer rates is linked with a stronger air pollution trend in Hawaii, and the increasing incidence of lung cancer. The air pollution causes ozone and particulate matter to form in and on the ground where they affect the health. While there are no definite link between cancer and air pollution, lung cancer is a risk factor for lung cancer among US residents. (Source: EPA Lung Cancer Statistics 2009; CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

– During the period 1990-2001, from Hawaii to Alaska, the US had the highest lung cancer rates among high-income countries in that region; Alaska and Hawaii had the highest rates in Canada. (Source: EPA Lung Cancer Statistics 2009; CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

– Lung cancer is the second leading cause of death in men aged 20-59, and rates have increased 10.4% per annum. While men are more likely to die than women, breast cancer is the leading cause of death for both genders in men aged 60 years or older. (Source: CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

– Among the top 20 most populous US states in terms of population, five (California, Washington, New York, Florida, and Texas) are now the highest-ranked with rates that are 15.9%, 19.4%, 19.3%, and 20.3%, respectively. (Source: EPA Lung Cancer Statistics 2009; CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

– Although there has been a small improvement in lung cancer deaths in the past decade with the implementation of lung cancer screenings and programs in California, rates are still high in states that did not have such programs (e.g., Ohio, New York, Kentucky, Wisconsin). (Source: EPA Lung Cancer Statistics 2009; CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

– Since 1990, the rate of lung cancer has fallen dramatically in all states but Maine and Utah. (Source: EPA Lung Cancer Statistics 2009; CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

– Between 1990-2000, lung cancer in men increased from 13.7% to 20.2%. (Source: EPA Lung Cancer Statistics 2009; CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

— The annual incidence of lung cancer was 10.8% (per 1 million population), an increase of 5.1% from 1999-2006. (Source: EPA Lung Cancer Statistics 2009; CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

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